About Us

VIPResumeWriting.com was founded by Craig Novins. Craig has been a Certified Personnel Consultant, and he has been the owner of an Executive Search Firm since 2005. In addition, Craig is a valued member of the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS).  As a recruiter reading and reviewing many resumes, he needed to update and amend many resumes in order for him to give his candidates a better likelihood of securing an interview for them with his clients. Craig saw a need in the online marketplace for a resume writing service that is price competitive, produces quality work and has stellar customer support for clients.

As a personnel consultant, Craig encountered on a continual basis sub-par resumes from his candidates, which really undersold themselves regarding their experiences and qualifications, and/ or which needed a makeover visually and/ or grammatically, and sometimes with numerous spelling mistakes, even with today’s spellchecking software.  He started this resume writing service in 2005, assisting job candidates with developing their resumes to show their best effort in securing an interview.

Craig launched VIPResumeWriting.com because he wanted to open up his client base nationwide and worldwide. He felt there are too many cookie-cutter resume service websites on the internet and he wanted to market his brand on a much larger scale.

VIPResumeWriting.com is one of the most price competitive online resume writing service providers in the United States market, matching experienced resume writers with customers across dozens of industries. Our goal is to help all of our clients to achieve the personal and professional results they’ve always dreamed were possible with the resume service we provide.

VIPResumeWriting.com was started so that clients can level up their job search and standout the rest, and not undersell themselves. Our resume writing packages let you pass the critical 6-second review where hiring companies shortlist job candidates.

How VIPResumeWriting.com’s Resumé Service Stands Out Among The Rest

Standing out above the competition in today’s market is critical. Our job here at VIPResumeWriting.com is to help you find a great job by creating a dynamic resume for you.

As we have mentioned, VIPResumeWriting.com’s resume writing packages let you pass the critical 6-second review to shortlist job candidates. It’s that simple.

We know what businesses are looking for and what works in a competitive job market. VIPResumeWriting.com has over 10 years of experience developing resumes that work!